The Escape

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The Escape

The film "The Escape" is first and foremost a road film. A journey that follows a unique, original and almost impossible story.

Eight outspoken teenagers of varying backgrounds and identities from all over the country go out for a personal and fascinating journey following "The Escape Movement". The film is an historical film, but not in the regular sense of the term. Throughout the 14 day and 14 night journey the teenagers experience places rich with memory, through meetings with witnesses and survivors and their personal stories, and coincidental and non-coincidental meetings with the local population. Each meeting and personal story sheds light on one aspect of the multifaceted movement of "The Escape".

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Languages:English, German, Hebrew (English subtitles)Trailer length:5 min


This surprisingly provocative feature follows a diverse group of modern Israeli teens—one is an Arab and another is an immigrant from Colombia—as they retrace the Bricha, or exodus, from Europe to Palestine in the wake of World War II. Even more fascinating than the poignant encounters with old-timers (survivors and locals) in settings both beautiful and chilling are their intense conversations with each other—about prejudice at home, Israel’s ongoing occupations, and their hopes and fears for the future.Ken Eisner (VJFF 2013)
Pitigliano Jewish FFItaly2014
Ethnological FFBelgrade, Serbia2014
Holocaust Film SeriesMelbourne, Australia2014
Buffalo Jewish FFUSA2014
Pioneer Valley Jewish FFUSA2014
Refugees FF by UNHCRHong Kong2014
The Jerusalem Jewish FFIsrael2013
Vancouver Jewish FFCanada2013
Crossing Europe FFAustria2013
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